The Health system is not a health system it is a sick system. Fear and toxins create disease. The human body can heal itself given the right balance of practices – mind, body and spirit.
Plants heal, herbs heal. Affirmations and mediation heals. All these things also raise your vibration and when your vibration is raised disease can not survive.

We don’t need science to cure disease, we don’t need science to heal. The unwavering unquestioning service to ‘science’ has become a money making cult.
No longer are we able to question science. Medical kidnapping and forced medical procedures are rampant in our world. This is another example of how we are merely slaves. We don’t own our bodies or our health, the pharmaceuticals do….or so they would like to fear us into believing.

Most people don’t know how to listen to their body, it is also why meditation is so important. The body is speaking to us all the time.

Often signals of distress, pain, or discomfort are the bodies ways of communicating, telling you to focus on something, change something, but instead, we pop pills to numb the symptoms.

The idea for medicine pills came from isolating alkaloids /actives in plants.
The problem is, when you isolate it, and put it in a pill, you are taking ONE aspect of a “system” which the plant is, and neglecting the rest.
That is why one pill might cure high blood pressure, but cause weight gain. Because herbs, have MANY alkaloids, that work together, to balance each other out.

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