“All religions are control mechanisms designed to lead us down a false path and hide the real explanation of our spiritual existence and capabilities”

One common mistake that many people can make is to consider a particular belief system to be the ultimate goal of their existence. In other words, the lack of full awareness of self within an individual can often cause them to view their previously-accepted beliefs as part of themselves, as though they were somehow born with them. In truth, no belief, by itself, is vital to life at all. The belief system is not an end (or ultimate goal) any more than it was a beginning (that which we were born with), and only serves as a temporary means to our growth in the moment. However, in our delusion, we may see the opposite, thinking the belief is the ultimate goal of not only our own lives, but should also be the goal of everyone else as well.

Religion is for the spiritually weak, who value their ego over their soul.
Religion is for those with a slave mentality, where they fear self-responsibility & want to put all their free will into the control of an authority.

The powers that be use religion to make the masses into voluntary slaves who are too spiritually weak to feel secured in themselves, so they desire an authority, like a government to keep them safe.
They only feel safe when they are enslaved, so they inadvertently strive to be a slave.

Spirituality is for the free human being.
Religion is for the enslaved human being.