Spiritual Terms

Awakening – Awakening is the realization that you are more than just a human and you are here to accomplish more than just being a slave to the system. Awareness arises when your codes are activated with photonic lighting order for you to begin to realize who you are and what you came into this lifetime to accomplish.

Free Will – We exist in a free willed Universe. This Universal Law allows us the power and responsibility to choose how we define and perceive our reality. Free Will is responsible for the allowance of darkness on the planet and thus throughout the Universe, as Creator gave all souls the ability to create whatever they choose. The greatest irony of free will choice to be other than light/love is the threat of destroying the experience of living in a free will existence. Universes that are not free willed operate through goals and agreements through a group high mind consciousness which gives them direction toward experience.

Creator/Source – Creator is a term used to describe “all that is” within our experience. The Creator of everything is an energy source that created angels and dimensions and then sent forth aspects of itself (Creator is both male and female) into the lower vibrational dimensions in order to have experience and to know itself. These monad aspects then sent forth parts of themselves as souls as so on. Creation is infinite and cannot be fully understood in third dimensional thinking. Regaining the knowledge that you have an aspect of Creator within the human body is the most important awakening realization.

Dimension/ Multidimensional – The Creator created dimensions in order to experience various vibrational levels because it is so big that it cannot experience it any other way. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional. There are many levels within each dimension.

Dimensions we experience in life as up and down, left and right, forward and back – these are spacial dimensions, of which there are 3. These same spacial dimensions operate in all the seven densities described by the Law of One. The forward progression of time, within the space-time region of the universe is often labeled a ‘dimension’ but is more accurately described as a condition of frequency, that motion progresses as events in time. Since this progression happens at all points in space, it is a scalar or non directional quantity; not a dimension in a conventional sense. Conversely, speed has direction – you can move forward from one place to another along a directional line defined as a 3 dimensional vector quantity; inclination and declination.

Density – Now densities are different in that they refer to concentration. For example, 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt has less salinity than ½ cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt. The saltier water is more dense; it has a greater density of salt.

Within the Law of One, density refers to concentration and activation level of consciousness, which is often referred to as ones vibrational quality of frequency in awakening circles. The degree to which a unique spark of the creator has evolved within the creation is essentially what the term density describes, and often used in relation to a planet or civilization’s attainment level.

For example, Earth is considered a third density sphere. The human civilization is also third density, but there are fourth density beings living within the Earth (according to Corey Goode) known as the Anshar. This unique spark or sub-logos could be a person, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe—up to the creation as a whole. This is, of course, a fractal or holographic relationship being described. So while a planet can be vibrating at a third density level, higher and lower density beings can live on the surface, such as plants and animals that are second-density creatures.

The key point to understand about density is that it refers to the progress level of any given aggregation of consciousness.

The densities within our universe, according to the Law of One, are one through seven, which is one part of the fractal that makes up our hologram or universe; the dream of existence with perfect rules set up for evolution. The density here is the degree or activity of consciousness operating within any embodiment of the creator. In the case of the Earth, with respect to its shift from 3D to 4D, it is a function of consciousness activation or attainment level. The more powerfully free will of a being acts to polarize an individual in becoming creator-like, the higher up the density system they can traverse.

Using that definition, all things in the universe are alive, and fall into degree’s of consciousness density, increasing in complexity using additive principles. For example, the first density is composed of atomic and molecular orders of life. The second density is composed of unicellular and multicellular life, which uses first density life to make up the body vehicle. Therefore in second density there are 2 layers or fields of consciousness operating in the same system of motion: 1st density molecules, which are organized in their own right, and 2nd density cells further organizing the whole system. Finally in third density life, there is yet another layer of consciousness organizing the body vehicle; human consciousness. Again, 1st density molecules make up the bodies of the second density cells and tissue, which makes up the 3rd density body of a human being; 3 discrete fields of consciousness animating the system of motion known as the body.

Density denotes a certain degree of sentience. Just as biology divides physical life into six kingdoms, so can we divide conscious life into at least seven densities. Why seven? Because that is the minimum number of classifications needed to account for the plurality of physical and nonphysical lifeforms we know about. There may be more, but there are no less.

We know that minerals are less sentient than plants, plants less sentient than animals, and average animals less sentient than average humans. So already we see there is a gradient from lower to higher sentience. Experience further shows there exist otherworldly lifeforms such as ghosts, aliens, demons, and angels who have capabilities we lack. Clearly the spectrum goes beyond the human sphere.

We can therefore extrapolate this spectrum upwards until the ultimate singularity of sentience is reached, which would by definition be the infinite Creator. Hence, between elementary matter and the infinite Creator resides a spectrum of life that can be divided into at least seven primary levels as follows:

  • First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness at best. Because consciousness, freewill, and nondeterminism go hand in hand, the unpredictable behavior of quantum systems (such as atoms and subatomic particles jittering nondeterministically) is due to their possessing (or being immersed in) an infinitesimal but nonzero level of consciousness, a kind of blind primordial awareness.
  • Second Density (2D) encompasses plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences striving, will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure. Examples of the lowest 2D lifeforms include plants, bacteria and fungi, whose consciousness is rudimentary. The higher 2D lifeforms begin experiencing the first inklings of freewill and self-awareness.
  • Third Density (3D) includes humans and other unpolished beings like us. 3D beings possess the seed of self-awareness and freewill. With these, they begin exploring their own individuality and its relation to others, and consequently they begin choosing whether to hone their individuality by helping others or by exploiting them. This process comes with a myriad of experiences and lessons accumulated over many lifetimes that hammers together their core of individuality and exalts it. As the choice of polarity solidifies and the limitations and illusions of life in 3D are overcome, a threshold is eventually reached where one has more consciousness and metaphysical energy than can be contained by the 3D realm of experience, and so one transcends to the next level.
  • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that have partially transcended the limitations of space-time. They straddle the boundary between physicality and the higher nonphysical realms. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our physical reality at will. Some are positive, others more negative. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to achieve understanding of consciousness and mastery of mind over matter, to evolve as a cohesive society, and to fully live out one’s choice of spiritual polarity with intensifying love and dedication. Fledgling 4D entities and societies tend to lack wisdom and perspective compared to the more seasoned ones.
  • Fifth Density (5D) is a completely nonphysical state of existence. It functions both as a stopover zone (the “afterlife”) for departed 2D/3D/4D souls and as a native realm for 5D beings who have evolved to that density after transcending 4D. The natives of 5D seem focused on accumulating the highest wisdom and total perfection of their individuality. This is the first density that is entirely nonphysical.
  • Sixth Density (6D) is also completely nonphysical or ethereal, occupied by individual entities who have attained perfection as far as personal evolution is concerned, who then join with other perfected individuals to evolve together as a soul group unit. They exist as energy beings in a realm completely outside space-time. They are outside the “Matrix” so to speak.
  • Seventh Density(7D) is “unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, though not through annihilation of consciousness but achievement of infinite expansion of consciousness that permeates all life and all existence.

There are no sharp boundaries between the densities; they blend relatively smoothly like the seven colors of the light spectrum. Thus we have animals like bonobos or dolphins who might as well be 3D beings; human occult masters who have understanding and abilities that rival those of aliens; and aliens of such divinity and nonphysicality that they might as well be considered angelic light-beings.


Enlightenment – an experience of realizing who you really are, awareness of self and higher self.

Vibration – All matter is energy. Atoms are electrons oscillating back and forth at a certain frequency. The measure of speed of this frequency is known as vibrational density. We are awakening to the need to raise our vibration from a third dimensional frequency to a fifth dimensional frequency.

Ascension – Ascension is the term used to describe moving from a lower vibrational consciousness to a higher consciousness. It involves acknowledging standing in your full power of who you are as you co-create the illusion of separation while existing in a high vibrational state of love. It is accomplished by consciously connecting with the tools and experiences of your akashic record held within your DNA with the help of your higher self. This is done by merging and balancing the high vibrational essence of who you are into physical manifestation. More simply stated, ascension is recognizing who you are and connecting to that aspect of yourself by raising your consciousness through vibration. For some people, the main purpose of this lifetime is to ascend.
COBRA’S definition – your awareness of yourself is so strong that you integrate all aspects of your personality and a loving acceptance of all of them. You are completely aligned with your own self.

Soul – the ethereal substance or spirit particular to a unique living being. The soul is immortal and its energy can be seen around the physical body as the aura. The soul is an aspect of energy consciousness from a larger essence of a monad and has a personality that continues to exist after “death” of the physical body. The purpose of your soul is evolution through the guidelines of Universal Law.

Higher Self – The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment.

Monad – The monad is the “oversoul” which created the aspect of consciousness of your soul. A monad consists of a male and a female aspect, and when incarnating into a lower vibrational density these two split up and continue to split further into lifetimes. Imagine a wooden wheel of a bicycle where the hub is the male or female part of the monad and the spokes are the aspects of soul consciousness, or lifetimes. All lifetimes of the monad occur in the “now”, outside of space and time, and the experiences of all parallel lifetimes can be accessed by each soul once the connection is recognized and strengthened.

Soul Group/Soul Mates – When Creator created monads it created them out the rays of its white light. When this light is differentiated it becomes the colours of the rainbow. Monads were split into groups of colours known as rays. For example a blue ray monad will have a purpose or characteristics different than a green ray monad. Blue ray monads have more in common and vibrate at the same rate as other blue ray monads, thus they are naturally attracted to each other. Furthermore, monads split into souls and vibrational groups are formed within each soul. These souls incarnate together in order to help each other spiritually advance. Soul mates from a particular soul group recognize each other when they meet in this lifetime. A soul mate may incarnate as your mother or father in one lifetime and then they may switch it up to be the daughter or son in another lifetime. They could be husbands and wives or they are an influential person in your life that helps to balance a past life energy or lesson. Soul mates from a soul group love each other so much that they may have volunteered to be a difficult aspect of your lifetime, which is a blessing in disguise as these lessons catapult you higher on your spiritual path.

Twin Souls/Flame – See Here

Spirit Guides – In addition to mapping out our Blueprints before coming here, we make sacred contracts with entities on the “other side” to watch over us, protect us, help us and advise us through this earthly journey we have chosen to undertake. These are our spirit guides.

The spirit guide’s job is to urge, encourage, nudge, support, advise and guide us on our life path. Spirit guides send you messages, often through your subconscious mind. What you have always accepted as instincts or your conscience or unusually vivid dreams are your spirit guides sending you messages. Spirit guides and all other transcended spirits are either male or female. Spirit guides can also be higher vibrational aspects of yourself, or parallel lives. Spirit guides are always ready and waiting for you to contact them but cannot interfere otherwise because of the Law of Free Will. The most intimate of these advisers helps us to conceive and review our blueprint with us and is at our side every step of the way from incarnation to “death”. Besides this dedicated guide, we have other guides that can come and go depending on their specialty advisory field. Every one of us has a guide that is someone we were very close to and trusted with our soul. All spirit guides have spent at least one lifetime on Earth. Because of this, they are able to empathize with the mistakes, problems, fears and temptations, all the frailties we encounter in the human world.

Guardian Angel – Creator first created the angels to mirror love back to itself. This was how it would get to know itself as ultimate love. These angels have a great desire to serve Creator in any way because of the great love they have for Creator. Sometimes these angels take on specific assignments in service. Guiding humanity is one way angels can be of service. These angels act as guides but are of the highest vibration of love. Some angels actually do incarnate but most do not. To go forth into a lower dimension, and angel must send forth an aspect of its consciousness, just like a monad does. Angel consciousness aspects are always around us holding the space for the creation of love within our hearts. Angels can create miracles, which is just a way of changing the reality that one experiences into a favorable outcome. Just like spirit guides, your guardian angel is awaiting your recognition and request for service.

Soul Contract – Before we incarnated, we planned out certain events which would lead us to be able to accomplish things we agreed upon in our soul contract. Some of these things include who are parents or guardians are, what type of socioeconomic situation we will be born into and what energy signature we will have by being born into a particular zodiac sign. There are many people in this lifetime that we made soul contracts with, from our parents to our spouse to our first grade teachers.

Incarnation – The act of a soul sending forth an aspect of its consciousness into a physical body. The soul comes into the fetus in the womb of the mother before the baby comes through the birth canal. When a soul incarnates in this manner, it takes a risk of not remembering that it is tied to its Creator. The purpose of reincarnation is to provide an opportunity for soul evolution, however by incarnating a person can get stuck on the wheel of karma.

Life Purpose – A person’s life purpose is the main goal or goals that they chose to accomplish before incarnating. A life purpose can be a career such as the goal of being a famous musician bringing the beauty of music to the planet. It can also be a balancing act such as reincarnating with another soul mate and serving a role in order to wipe the slate clean of karma between the two souls. There can be many tasks involved in a life purpose leading up to a bigger task if all of the other tasks are performed. For example there may be several tasks of awakening and healing involved and if all of them are successfully completed, the end result might be ascension. If a person does not complete a life purpose they usually reincarnate to try again. Understanding one’s life purpose is easier than most people make it out to be, for it is usually what they enjoy doing the most in life.

Universal Law – A set of guidelines agreed upon in a particular universe that guides a soul along the highest path of evolvement. It is what defines evolution and existence, and should be the laws of Earth as we move toward higher consciousness.

Karma – Newton’s law states that for every action there has to be an equal or opposite reaction. When we incarnate into a physical body and live a life under the veil of forgetfulness, we can incur karma if we do not treat others with the same care and love that we should treat ourselves. Thus we end up incarnating over and over in this school of life to eventually learn the golden rule. This has been termed the wheel of karma and because we are coming to the end of a cycle of reincarnation, transmuting karma in this lifetime is usually one of the main life purposes of many people. Fortunately we have a tool called the Universal Law of Wisdom to help us complete this task by allowing us access to all of the accumulated wisdom we gathered in all of our lifetimes. One of the most important tools of this law is forgiveness, which stops the pattern from repeating and thus neutralizes karma.

What is Karma? – GLP Forum Thread 2011 – Karma is VERY misunderstood. It doesn’t mean if you do good, you get good things, or vice versa. Thats an elementary understanding of it.Karma is a scientific principle. It means, that when you take an action, there is a ripple of actions that follow.Consider the human body a generator. Our thoughts, actions, and words are how we communicate with the physical world, in the obvious ways. Thats why in Buddhism, our main focus is our thoughts, words, and actions.If you generate harmony with your thoughts, words, and actions, it sends ripples out. Vice versa.Karma is basically residue.

Chakra – The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘vortex’ or ‘wheel’. The chakras are energy centres within our physical bodies. There are seven major chakras between the crown and top of the head to the base of the spine. There are also many minor chakras that regulate energy within the body. Each of the seven chakras correspond to a major endocrine gland in the body and each of them controls specific physical areas and functions.

Meditation – One of the most powerful spiritual tools. Meditation is a ritual that creates a state in which the body is consciously relaxed, and the mind is able to become calm and focused. Preparation for meditation includes grounding, breathing deeply, and asking for spiritual guidance and protection. A goal of meditation is to quiet the left brained thinking (monkey mind) in order to allow for right brained information from higher vibrational aspects of yourself to bring clarity in life. Another goal of meditation can be to have conversations through telepathy with other spirits or guides. Meditation can also be used to clear negative energies and to bring more light into the body.

Aura – The aura is the energetic field that is part of a living being. Your inner aura is a reflection of your spiritual health aura and your outer aura is your luminous energy field. Both of these auras emanate from your skin outwards. Your inner aura will expand anywhere from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimetres) from your body while your outer aura will extend several feet from your body. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a colour that matches the emotion. With practice, one can see another person’s aura colours in order to identify unbalanced energy within the body. A weak auric field can make a person feel drained, and it is a good spiritual practice to keep your aura protected and strong.

Forgiveness – Forgiveness is an act of kindness that we may extend to ourselves or another in the process of healing. Forgiveness is also an important part of transmuting karma between other souls. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness used to correct the things that went wrong in a person’s life. Forgiveness can be achieved either face to face, by silent thought and intention, or by writing a letter and burning it as a way of ritual. Forgiving yourself is a high vibrational way of loving yourself and is important in moving up the ladder of spiritual ascension.
Love/ Loving Yourself– Love is the highest vibration attainment. Love is all there is, literally, as it is the vibration of our Creator. Loving yourself is an important part of healing stuck energies as we move toward fifth dimensional existence. As defined by the Law of Attraction, when you love yourself you open yourself up for being able to receive love.

Near Death Experience (NDE) can occur when a person’s spirit leaves the body and crosses over to the other side and then returns to the body to live another day. NDE stories are useful in realizing that our souls do not die upon the death of the physical body and that we are spirits having a physical human experience. This helps a person transmute the fear of dying which is an important aspect of spiritual progression. People who report about NDE’s often talk about having a life review – which is a movie of everything that has happened in their life. This brings about the realization that everything we do is important in our life and is recorded in our akashic records. We are the judge during a life review and part of spiritual wisdom includes realizing that we can atone for our actions now thanks to NDE experiences that have explained life reviews.