A’drieiuous – Well, to understand how time works you have to understand frequency, photoradionic waves and quarks, and why that works and how that works. There are many dimensions of frequency. And what time is, is merely just the perception of frequency increase. A person’s perception of time is their experience of frequency. The faster frequency goes the faster time seems to pass. Now, to manipulate time you have to also understand that every time still exists at the same time within its own frequency like a radio channel. You have lets say on radio stations you have channel one hundred, one hundred one, one hundred two, one hundred three and so on, and between those channels you have micro-frequencies such as one hundred one point one, one hundred one point two and so on and you have even smaller frequencies between those that designate different channels. Well each channel works in multiple dimensions. Let’s say you have four dimensions of frequency which dictate coordinated within a specific time. So to physically travel back in time, to a time like 1960, you have to understand that 1960 does still exist, it hasn’t gone anywhere, what has gone somewhere is your frequency. Your frequency increased beyond the frequency of that specific slice of time as you say. So, as frequency increases so does the perception of time. Variables rule out within a time line but those variables all exist within micro-slices between each frame of frequency increase and/or decrease. Time present, past and future all exist at the same time, in the same bubble but in different frequencies in different layers very similar to that of an onion. SO, to travel back in time if you had a device that would modify the frequency of all of the quarks in your body to a specific frequency matching that of a time frequency of another time, you could physically travel in time and that’s how our mechanics work.

SO you could go back to 1960 in you knew the frequency range of that particular time. The Schuman frequency as you all say is the measure of the overall frequency as an average. Where the frequency of lets say the planet and the universe stance the frequency is always gradually increasing very slowly. Although as we enter a photonic belt, a ring of high vibration which orbits in a wobble around the center of this particular galaxy, the frequency increase is causing an increase in the speed of which time seems to pass. So if you want to travel back in time you have to modify the frequency of all of the quarks in your body and frequency of the device itself to go with you or you’re stuck. Source