Twin Souls

Twin souls do exist. You are both split images of the same imprint. You are each others life lines…and you are never truly separate.
Its not really important whether you are physically connected or not – although the bliss and/or pain can be exponential in their presence, because of your connection.
You don’t find your twin flame by “seeking” them…..rather, you find each other when your vibrations are matching/ready.
Twin Flames are totally different from any other kind of relationship. You and your Twin are created from the same light, hope, mission, vision, and ultimately, from the same energy.
It is extremely rare to incarnate on the planet with your twin flame. In many ways, you may think, or feel, that your Twin Flame can be your spiritual partner and higher dimensional guide. Your Twin holds space for your incarnation so that you can do the work that you have chosen to do.

Your Twin Flame is literally another of YOU, made from the same spiritual Soul ingredients. You do not need to think of your Twin as a specific gender, but that is a human way to conceive of it. With this, please understand that you have incarnated as male, female, in every life-form. Do you and your Twin have preferred forms? Generally, yes.

Your Twin Flame is that closest part; in some ways you always think of your Twin Flame as almost being part of your heart. Many of you have had a face, either in dream or when you close your eyes, and you see that face, you see those eyes, and that is the picture, the energy of your Twin Flame, because that is how close they are to you. Often, they will introduce themselves as part of your circle of guides, guardians.

There are 3 types of partner relationships.
Twin flames – Your other half, literally
Soul mates – From the same soul group – that is why you connect so well. Many people mistake soul mates for twin flames. Soul mates CAN feel just like a twin flame.
Karmic relationships – relationships that come together under karmic circumstances….in other words, karma brings you together. You might have had a past together – or similar circumstances in the past that you both can grow from now, or just similar circumstances now or just the possibility of both working on your karma with each other.
A monad is an aspect of consciousness of Source that has a female (yin) polarity and a male (yang) polarity. Upon descending into the third dimension, these aspects get separated although they stay connected on the higher monad level. We are always yearning for our polarity aspect to fulfill a need to be complete; however the experience of separation from our twin flame and our Creator catapults us in our spiritual growth and understanding of who we are. Twin Flames rarely incarnate into the same lifetime because of the need for diverse experience, however recently more twin flames have incarnated together in order to assist each other in ascension.

As each soul was created they were split into two parts, two beings, male and female aspects, they incarnated at various different times in carnation inorder to find each other and bring harmony to themselves. when you work with your twin you begin to ascend and help the earth ascend, thats why we are here. to heal each other and heal the planet around us.
No body can heal you like your twin flame can, twins can heal you better than anyone else.
they are best friends, the other half of themselves, facing themselves, have to deal with best of themselves and worst of themselves.
We have many soul mates/connections, only one twin flame.
It doesn’t matter if they don’t know each other, they do not find it hard to understand each other for they are a part of each other. Every characteristics that makes them who they are, the other has.
Twin Souls transcends relationships, it transcends attachments, culture and belief systems.
Twin Soul vibrations are at an identical frequency.
“The twin flame is not ‘the other half of your soul’ but one soul (masculine/feminine) in two individual bodies.
Twin flames must achieve a certain level of spiritual mastery and understanding of oneness within their own personal and individual selves before reuniting together. If this spiritual level of mastery is not present then they may be unable to cope with the weight of their own negative karma because this karmic energy will be amplified by the very presence of their twin soul. The same unique factor that gives twin flames their great spiritual power and identical blueprint of identity can likewise cause the amplification of their positive and negative patterns.”

Twin flames is an earthly term used to describe a One Soul being or Graduate ,one soul in 2 bodies. A one soul or being is a volunteer that has been chosen to return to earthly density.
As they have developed unique skills and abilities that pertain to the assistance of evolving humanity in this time frame.
A twin soul is a soul that has completed all earthly lessons, developed all desired skills, and finished all earthly ties (belief systems, patterns , obligations and debts)
Also all forms of earthly relationships, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi sexual, have already been experienced.
Many times over in other life lines, these expressions of self are things now long past.
A soul splits into 2 equal yet opposite energetic polarities or frequencies – One being masculine and one being feminine.
Twin polarities equal yet opposite aka Twin flames, a label that applies only in 3 dimensional reality.
Following the universal law of this planet which has 2 unique entities upon it.
And to express a spiritual template of unified duality and to have a biological and chemical balance.
Through the whole spectrum of human experience, one would incarnate as female and the other male.
Then in accordance with all other incoming beings, they would agree to these basic rules which apply to all
no exceptions.
1. Each incoming being must agree or submit to incarnating as male or female depending on desired or hoped for results.
2. You the incoming being will have all previous experience blanketed from your consciousness.
So as to maximize your experience, previous experience can be accessed but with some difficulty.
3. You must agree that a certain time line exists, example 2012.
Even though twin flames can be separated by distance, race, culture, religion, ideologies, and philosophies they can never lose touch with each other because they have only one higher self or over soul between the two of them, this telepathic link to each other cannot be broken by any means
Twin flames because of previous relationship experiences are oriented to mission format and out come
Prime focus of which is the generation and creation of third energy or creativity.
While in this physical reality this third energy or creative power is experienced as what we call love.
While formal relationships do take place in 3rd dimensional reality amongst twin flames, they have long since learned that relationships in all forms are nothing more than a learning experience.
To becoming a graduate, and as such these relationships should be enjoyed and experienced to the fullest.
In whatever form they manifest,. It is what it is.
It must be understood by all beings on this planet that everyone on this planet sooner or later will be a graduate and that the sole purpose in being here is to become a graduate and go home.

False/Counterfeit/Pre Twin Flames: